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Some preliminary footage of some FB Alpha NeoGeo WIP. Multi-slot and NeoGeo CD support have been added as can be seen in the clips below. There are some issues, left to resolve, particuarly with regards stability.

Sadly, due to at least two license violating builds of FB Alpha I have decided not to release this even when it is ready. We have tried diplomatic methods of attempting to get others to follow the license, but they still refuse. I don't like this taking course of action, but I like even more seeing the hard work of myself, the team, and contributing projects such as MAME abused by license violating builds. So, unless, we see some source releases then this WIP will never see the light of day.

News Source: Here

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  1. I wonder about the details of these violations. What was done and why its wrong.

  2. Source of derivated builds not released.

  3. fuck everyone who bitch about violations

  4. Emupolitics again... Great, just great...

  5. Just add it to MAME then no one will care.

    It's hardly ground breaking stuff anyway.


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