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EmuCR: NuveeNuvee v20111014 is released. Nuvee is a simple win32 psx controller plugin that provides basic emulation
- Dual PSX Mouse (PS1)
- Dual PSX Guncon (PS1)

- Dual G-Con 45 (PS2)
- Dual Guncon 2 (PS2)
- Dual Mouse (PS2)
- Single keyboard (PS2)

- Dual mice (USB + Serial)
- Dual PC lightgun
- Single keyboard

For use with win32 emulators like
- PCSX-reloaded (cmdline = lightgun build only)

- PCSX-reloaded (any)
- PCSX2 (any)

- PCSX2-usb (usb plugin)

Nuvee Changelog:
- 10-13-11 Add DirectInput (WiiMote)
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Improve game profile list
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Improve device reset speed (Gunfighter 2 timeout)
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Fix device connection order (not both at same time)
- 10-13-11 (PS2) Improve lightgun swap feature
- 10-13-11 (PS1) Improve Rescue Shot no flash
- 09-25-11 Add cmdline features to PCSXr-lightgun (gameshark_load, spu_plugin, gpu_plugin, cdr_plugin)
- 09-25-11 Add PEC cheats for gun flash removal
- 09-25-11 Add default profiles reset option in GUI
- 09-25-11 Fix Moorhuhn hacks for PC lightguns
- 09-25-11 Add Policenauts Guncon conversion

EmuCR: Nuvee

Download: Nuvee v20111014
Source: Here

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