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EmuCR:PcspPCSP v0.5.4 is released. PCSP is a project that jpcsp team members working a while now.While it is not capable to run commercial games , it is kinda faster than jpcsp :).All code atm is port of jpcsp code to c++.At the moment jpcsp is highly more advance than pcsp. Now if pcsp will become better than jpcsp , time will tell .

PCSP v0.5.4 Changelog:

Experimental Dynamic shaders . A lot faster works in a few demos – use it at your own risk
Added VEH handler for win32
New portable fiber implementation for win, linux and macosx 32/64-bit.
GLEW is now used instead of GLEE
Better thread behavior for KernelVsync
Fix a bug with opengl renderer when trying to unbind a shader program never binded
Implementation of sceRtcSetDosTime ,sceRtcIsLeapYear ,sceRtcCompareTick
Implemented adding of ticks. (11 syscalls)
Fix sceRtcGetCurrentTick()
Fixed sceKernelLibcTime()
Implementation for sceKernelPollSema()
Fixes in KernelEventFlag
added loading of files after resetting emu. (sceKernelLoadExec case)
Improved and refactored module management code into sceKernelModule.
Started implementation of restarting features for PCSP.
Partially implemented sceKernelLoadExec
Partial implementation for CMD_SIGNAL
Fixed pc address and stall address
Added LogicalOperation, corrected StencilTest
CMD_TLEVEL was wrong
Implementation of spline decoding
fix LOD issues in micromachines
fix a bug with DXTn compressed textures
sceAtrac3plus: source cleanup

Download: PCSP v0.5.4
Download: pcsp 0.5.4 with pcsp-udb (pcsp's frontend)
Source: Here

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  1. Porting to c++ = fuck yeah :)

  2. about fucking time ;')

  3. Good work! Thank you=D

  4. gog gogogogogogo

  5. Runs Metal Gear Solid peace walker or Portable ops?

  6. hey jei jpcsp team not ported to pcsp just dev pcsp start from begin with clean code and some test

  7. Que beleza Pessoal !! Logo teremos um emulador de PSP que Funciona !!!
    Bom Trabalho e Boa Sorte para VocĂȘs !!!

  8. UFC 2010 Undisputed need !


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