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ZXMAK.NET v2.4.5.0 Beta is released. ZXMAK.NET is the Free .NET ZX Spectrum Emulator, written in C#. ZXMAK.NET is an emulator of the 1980s home computer and various clones, that can work on various platforms with .NET environment.

ZXMAK.NET v2.4.5.0 Beta Changelog:
- ULA Delta-C: fix INT length, flash frequency
- ULA PROFI: split into two ULA's - PROFI 3.xx (B/W) and PROFI 5.xx (COLOR)
- ULA PROFI: add palette port
- ULA PROFI: add border, change surface size (now 320x240 and 640x240 - better when switch)
- ULA PROFI: add port #FF
- replace PROFI ROM with original one [ver 5.xx] (thanks to _Ratibor_)
- fix boot.zip (128K rom issue)


Download: ZXMAK.NET v2.4.5.0 Beta
Source: Here

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