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EmuCR:SNES9Xbox SNES9Xbox v5 is released. SNES9Xbox is a SNES/Super Famicom emulator for Xbox.

SNES9Xbox v5 Changelog:

*** Changes To Snes9Xbox Core ***

* Force region now working for 1.42 and 1.51 cores.
* Emu now only tries to load a save state if it actually exists. This should fix the "refreshbytes at 0 or less" error and "snapshot thisgame.tt0 does not exist" msgs as well as lockups from attempting to do so.
* Rewind is now working in 1.42. Whoopsie!

*** Interface Related Changes ***

* Lockup when using the media browser is caused by the colour skin using too much RAM. Be sure to copy over the new "Colours (True HD) skins". I also put some code in to help alleviate the situation.

* Some software filters that were not working are now working properly. Just be sure to copy over the new "Colours (True HD) skin" or else you will get lockups when trying to load a game and use a software filter.

Download: SNES9Xbox v5
Source: Here

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