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DinoBoy v0.1 Beta is released. DinoBoy is a GameBoy (Color) emulator which is in it's beta stage and author is currently working on it. The emulator has no sound support yet but the next stable version will have sound emulation.

DinoBoy Features:
-> Can emulate GameBoy and GameBoy Color hardware.
-> Keyboard and JoyPad input support.
-> MBC1, MBC2, MBC3 and MBC5 support.
-> Real Time Clock emulated.
-> Battery Pack support. Save format is compatible with VBA-M.

DinoBoy v0.1 Final Changelog:
-> Sound Emulation of channel 1, 2, 3 and 4. (Vin output is not emulated)
-> Save State feature added.
-> Increased compatibility. Graphical glitches in games (like Aladdin(CGB version), Tomb Raider, Shantae, Ken Griffey etc) are fixed.
-> Battery Bug Fixed. Some games have illegal filename characters in their internal ROM name.
-> VisualBoy inspired Turbo Button. Press Space to speed up the game.

Download: DinoBoy v0.1 Final
Source: Here

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  1. Many game boy emulators are good but is it really necessarily ? Too many game boy emulators! -_-;

  2. The thing is most emulator programmer start by emulating less complex system like GB or NES for learning experience before moving on to emulate more complex system. That is the reason why there are so many emu for these system. And also remember emulating a system is A LOT of work. Even emulating something like NES or GBC takes something like 6 months, and to perfect it takes years. Emulator user should respect that.


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