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EmuCR:DS2x86DS2x86 v0.36 Beta is released. DS2x86 is a version of DSx86 for the SuperCard DSTwo flash cart. DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS.

DS2x86 v0.36 Beta Changelog:

- Implemented "rep stosd" for Mode-X with irregular map mask (Micro Machines 2)
- Forced INT 15 AH=88 to report no extended memory (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
- Implemented "LAST_FIT" memory allocation strategy handling (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
- Implemented "LES reg,m16:16" page fault handling (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
- Implemented INT 21 AH=4D proper return mode reporting (Borland RTM DOS Extender)
- Improved SB emulation to not hang after invalid SB command (Jazz Jackrabbit)
- Implemented support for reading data from file to Mode-X VRAM (Jazz Jackrabbit)
- Implemented proper AdLib timer handling (Mortal Kombat etc SB detection)
- Fixed a bug in ARM9 SB audio buffering scheme (Mortal Kombat, Supaplex, etc)

Download: DS2x86 v0.36 Beta
Source: Here

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