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EmuCR: FB AlphaFB Alpha v0.2.97.24 is released. FB Alpha or FBA as it is commonly known is an emulator of arcade games, that is, it takes the program code, graphics data, etc., from an original arcade game and emulates the hardware to make the game run in it's original form. As far as the game is concerned it is running in it's original cabinet.

FB Alpha is an open-source project and it is programmed by a group of people known as the FBA Team. Over the years this has comprised of myself, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, LoopMaster, Mike Haggar, Hyper Yagami and Ayeye. FB Alpha is based on the original FinalBurn by Dave.

FB Alpha v0.2.97.24 changelog:
- Rewrote the DAC core, improving performance and timing [iq_132]
- Updated the Mogura and The FairyLand Story drivers to use the new DAC core [iq_132]
- Updated the Armed Formation, King & Balloon, Irem M72 and M90, Route16, Sega System 16A, SunA16, Terra Cresta, The New Zealand Story, Vigilante drivers to use the new DAC core [Barry]
- Fixed the new DAC core with GCC 3.4.5 [Barry]
- Updated Z80 cycle counting, improving accuracy [iq_132]
- Added cycle counting to the I8039 CPU core [iq_132]
- Updated PGM driver making Bee Storm - DoDonPachi II and Demon Front playable [iq_132]
- Added Fantasic and Kong to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
- Added Arange Mode hack of DoDonPachi to the Cave driver [JacKc]
- Added clone of 1941 to the CPS-1 driver [Bonky0013, JacKc, Techmotour]
- Added clone of King of Dragons to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
- Added clone of UniWar S to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Deer Hunting to the Seta2 driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Super Chase to the Taito driver [Barry]
- Added clone of Arkanoid 2 to the The New Zealand Story driver [Barry]
- Added 1945 Part 2 (hack of Battle Garegga) to the Toaplan-2 driver [Barry]
- Fixed sound samples in the Kageki driver [Barry]
- Fixed sample sounds in King & Balloon [Barry]
- Fixed 68000 CPU speed in Best of the Best driver [iq_132, reported by Cmart]
- Updated dip switches in the Side Pocket driver [Barry]
- Changed CPS-1 sprite timing for bootlegs/hacks that render the sprites in reverse order [Barry, identied by manliodp]
- Big-endian fixes for Data East, various Misc, and PGM drivers [lantus]
- Added Unicode title for 1945 Part 2 [JacKc]
- Added support for insane cheat file lengths [Barry, reported by money_114]
- Fixed issue with the load progress dialog not being killed when loading unavailable sets [Barry, reported by BisonSAS]
- Fixed crash if SampleInit is called without a sample list [iq_132]
- Removed sek.h and zet.h from burnint.h, and added to drivers where necessary [Barry]
- Synced sets with MAME 0.145u5 [Barry]

Download: FB Alpha v0.2.97.24 x86
Download: FB Alpha v0.2.97.24 x64
Source: Here

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