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PCSXR-Xenon v0.6 is released. PCSXR-Xenon is a sony playstation 1 emulator for XBOX360 using libxenon, based on lastest PCSX-Reloaded source code available.

PCSXR-Xenon Alpha v0.5.1 Changelog:
- New gpu plugin, allow to play game in hd !!
- Load game from fat, ext2/3/4, ntfs device
- Save states support

Download: PCSXR-Xenon v0.6
Source: Here

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  1. That is good to know but this is still emulator and will have some bugs and some problem with it.

    The PS3 is much better since it can play PS1 backup with jailbreak perfectly.

  2. Are you a retard of course it's an emulator you're on an emulator site and of course it's going to have bugs it's v0.6!. A jailbroken ps3 is a piece of junk the scene is dead and is never going to take off. If it is so amazing bugger off and play on that, i don't even know why you even commented on here?.

  3. Watching your language... I am saying that it is emulator but PS3 is a waaaay better than this one anyway. I am not here to argument with you anyway.

    Therefore, I dont know why you care to commented here. I am not asking your opinion. I am telling from my experience.. Now just keep your mouth shut. Thanks!

  4. Well, the PS3 doesn't have any PS1 hardware, so it's emulating everything in software. It's essentially the same thing as using any of PCSX-R's derivatives. Sony's own emulator might be more accurate however.

  5. I think anon 2 likes to masturbate with offensive responses, just ignore their stupid comments

  6. yeah but the ps1 emu for ps3 is actually accurate
    not full of bugslike pcsxr

  7. @antiheist,

    Have you tried PS1 on PS3 ?

    For me, it is actually accurate and I dont see any problems with my games lately. :)

  8. Anon 5 likes to think about men masturbating lol

  9. #7: Not yet, but I've tried PS1 games on my PSP, and it's pretty bad unless you fiddle with popsloader, or get ahold of the PSN releases. Anyway, I wasn't trying to trash Sony's emulator, I'm just pointing out that it is in fact an emulator, just like PCSXR is an emulator.

  10. #8 wait, you are a man??? i always thought you are a dog, im a girl & i like to think about zoofilia, i'm disappointed

  11. loads of dickheads and idiots above me LMFAO


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