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Snes9x CG Shaders Pack (2012/03/11) is released. Snes9x CG Shaders Pack is a pack of pixel shaders intended for Snes9x.

Download: Snes9x CG Shaders Pack (2012/03/11)
Source: Here

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  1. which shader looks best is the question

  2. None all look like shit
    Just use HQx3 or HQx4

  3. xBR rounds corners better than HQxX, its your preference, Roundy or Squary :P

  4. HQ is shit. Blargg's NTSC and OpenGL with curvature and scanlines is the way to go, as that is the most realistic way to play on a LCD screen. I repeat HQ is shit. If you use that you shouldn't even be here.

  5. According to Telmo we should all cut ourselves up and break a few of our own bones after crashing in a car in a game too, because you know, realism.

    HQx4 improves on the original and that's a good thing buddyman.

  6. #4: I agree... But blargg's pack is for retro feeling. Very interesting shader is xBR (photo: http://bit.ly/AETpjV).

  7. anon 2 looks like shit


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