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EmuCR: CAVEUICAVEUI v1.1.2 is released. CAVEUI is an emulator with Cave/SH3 & DoDonpachi 2 Drivers by IsmaMj.

CAVEUI v1.1.2 Changelog:

CAVEUI v1.1.2 26/06/12

Changes CAVE:
Re-enable Enforce.
Autosize Snapshot 320x224 Change To Auto.

Medal Mahjong Moukari Bancho Works But Has Imperfect Sound. (Need Touchscreen, Declared By MAME In Cavesh3.c)
Added All Cave/SH3 Drivers Extract Of MAME.
Cavesh3.c (MAMEPPK Code Edit.)
Added Bee Storm DoDonpachi 2 (This rom is igs/pgm board not cave, but i add.)
Added 2 Hacks By Trap15:
-DoDonPachi (Hack Ver. 2012/02/12, Arrange Mode v1.1)
-Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (Hack Ver. 2012/04/17, Arrange Mode 1.0)
More Information In The Title About The Rom.


Download: CAVEUI v1.1.2
Download: CAVE Snapshot Collection v1.1.2
Source: Here

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  1. meh, he needs to leave the option "only show available games"

    the fuck did he took that option out, thats dumb

    if you want a better cave emulator than this junk, try this build:
    MAME Slowpoke Edition

  2. The full ROM set is only a few hundred meg, if you had the lot it wouldn't be a problem that the option is missing....

  3. Anonymous 2 comment: you are slow mind, try to change to new mind.

  4. What? I Compile This With Only Cave Drivers, All Games Is Default, Not Show Only BlaBlaBla, You Only Need Edit Mame.lst To Choose Roms/Drivers That Appear In Your Build, Close PC & Try To Sleep "Pokemon".

  5. And Finally This Emu No Needs To Mod. The MAME32/64.ini For Your Craps, The Good Is, That You Have Wait To New Version, But I No Need Wait.

  6. Does this have any HLSL compatibility by chance?

  7. The Options Are Same To MAME.


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