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EmuCR: SneMuldsxSneMuldsx 20120514 is released. SneMuldsx is a SNES Emulator for Nintendo DS created by Archeide.

SneMuldsx 20120514 Changelog:
- added libfatx
- fixed extlink stuff. arm7 L+R+Start+Select shutdown seems not working...
- at least linkable against official libfat

Download: SneMuldsx 20120514
Source: Here



  2. Thanks for the news but this emulator is inaccurate emulator compare to bsnes.

  3. @2 GO AND GRAB YOUR DESKTOP PC EVERYWHERE YOU GO! BECAUSE is the only way to RUN The power hungry BEAST bsnes

  4. I'll stop trash talking byuu and his shitty unoptimised SNES emu if you stop trash-talking 'innaccurate' emulators (and honestly brah, as if you're even able to notice the 'accuracy' - idiot - you're a typical idiotic enduser that has noticed his guru uttering a new buzzword - cycle-accuracy) and has ran with it without even understanding why it matters and why he/she should care if he/she is not even able to determine what it is.

    I can tell you right now - an idiotic end-user like you NOTICES ZERO from the 'cycle accuracy' your cultish leader provides to you in the form of bSNES. You might as well play with SNES9x for your gaming needs since you're not likely to be able to notice any differences to begin with.

    Cycle-accuracy matters to people coding SNES homebrew (not very many), ROM hackers and the like - not some idiotic end-user that wants to shout 'STFU you byuu hater' at emucr.

  5. Im sure you are fapping to your great bsnes great exclusives such as:
    2 shogi games,top gear 3000 (sega cd is 100% better),the crappy gundam strategy SD game, weapons lord (the fire effect title screen) and oh wow van dammes time cop.
    in the mean time i will enjoy every other fucking game in existance at full speed in my android,and i can guarantee i will not notice any difference even if they program at HLE

  6. Why are the difference between these two versions for JoyToKey? The website "Electracode" has JoyToKey 3.7.4. But the "JTK Soft" website has JoyToKey 5.1.2. So I don't understand what are the differences? Which version is better?

  7. This is still just an old ass emulator that hasn't been updated in years and remains broken.


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