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EmuCR: DuoSDuoS (Beta) (2012/08/24) is released. DuoS is a freeware Nintendo DS emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the Nintendo DS systems on your PC.

Well, finally I made it. I hope you all like it.

A few last minute bugs were detected last night, and some quality downgrade happened... but I wanted to keep my promise and release the emu as it is. There's a lot of room for improvements, and stuff to improve... but it's not all that bad for a Beta.

Next week, I'll try to do some touches to DuoS older sister project AdriPSX PSEMU, so I might re-released it with some updates and fixes around next month. I haven't touched its blog in ages, but you can visit it at http://adripsx.blogspot.com.

Please refer to the Download Links section, and send me feedback about the emu... you like it or not!

Thanks to you all for your continuous support!

EmuCR: DuoS

Download: DuoS (Beta) (2012/08/24)
Source: Here


  1. Hey! That screenshot is from DuoS 0.101...

    The current release is just DuoS DSEMU Beta.

  2. Why is this needed Desmume is the best DS emulator and its always getting updated it runs 99% of all games near perfectly. It even runs FF4 and DQ9 so accurately or near accurate!

    1. Oh, I get it, just because emulators are already so advanced, that automatically forbids any other programmer from trying to code his or her own emulator? Wow, and this whole time I thought programmers were entitled to do whatever the f**k they wanted. How wrong I was!

  3. Nice! The oldiest DS emulator is revived! :D

    Meanwhile, what happen to... IDEAS emulator???


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