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V1.1L51/V2.9L51/V2.9L51-V2/V3.4L51 are released. XM7 is an excellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7 V1.1L51/V2.9L51/V2.9L51-V2/V3.4L51 Changelog:
This is the list of changes V3.4L50a → V3.4L51, V2.9L50a → V2.9L51, of V1.1L40a → V1.1L51.
Add an icon for creating Mr. Maru heaven. Modified to include all of the icons in the file at the same time in all versions
Add · 1280 × 1024 dots (3-fold) (× 2) 1920 × 1200 dots as the resolution in full screen mode
Support (the use of this feature is required but KANJI2.ROM V1/V2) to reproduce the characters that have been exchanged in the first level and the second level at the time of enactment JIS83 to JIS78 during emulation
Add logic for multi-lingual. Only supports English, you do not want to attach the DLL is scheduled at present

This list of changes made to V3.4L50a → V3.4L51.
State files created in (a) V2.9L50 fixes a problem that can not be read in (a) V3.4L50
Fixed an issue where Kanji ROM ROM area expansion has not been worn by the fully JIS78 emulation
Fixed a problem that can not be displayed if you do not have Chinese characters have KANJI.ROM KANJI1.ROM FM-7/FM77AV mode in
Developed a new tool "SAVEKNJ" Extraction of compliance JIS78 kanji ROM that is included in the expansion ROM FM77AV40EX/SX
This list of changes made to V1.1L40a → V1.1L51.
Add the green monitor mode
Added (only 32K bytes) bubble cassette support function
Fixed an issue where the virtual machine will run out of control and load in the absence of state is SUBSYSL4.ROM file that was created in 400-line mode in a state where there is a SUBSYSL4.ROM
Fixed an issue with garbled colors when viewing in full screen mode to 15-bit color at 400-line mode of V1
Aligned with the level number V3.4/V2.9 (L41, L50 was the missing number)
V2.9L51 is a version based on the V3.4L51, which is a higher version, remove the extended portion FM77AV40EX. As the operation is the same as when you have a target model emulated system FM77AV V3, distribution determination-minute version is lighter unnecessary. ROM also works with a set of V2.

Certain modifications and changes of this time we have pointed out that Mr. Thomas developers XM7dash, phosphoric acid Hase of Retro PC Gallery. Thank you all!

Download: XM7 V1.1L51
Download: XM7 V2.9L51
Download: XM7 V2.9L51-V2
Download: XM7 V3.4L51
Source: Here

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