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EmuCR: fs-uaefs-uae v1.3.28 Beta is released. fs-uae is a multi-platform Amiga emulator based on UAE/WinUAE, with a focus on emulating floppy-disk and CD-ROM based games. An important feature of the emulator is that it is fully controllable with a gamepad from your couch, with an on-screen GUI, which means that you can easily swap floppies and load save states with your gamepad. fs-uae is well suited to be started from an emulator frontend running on a HTPC, for instance.

The emulator has less configuration options than other UAE variants, but rather focuses on default settings which just works. For example, if you are running fs-uae in Amiga 500 mode, you cannot turn off cycle-exact mode.

fs-uae v1.3.28 Beta Changelog:

* New official boolean option uaegfx_card to enable the "Picasso 96 card".
* Re-initialize shaders after fullscreen<->window switching.
* (Launcher) Double-click (or enter) in configuration list starts FS-UAE.
* (Launcher) Remember last directories used when browsing for floppies, CDs, hard drives and kickstarts.
* (Launcher) Automatically add floppies in drives to swap list if swap list is empty.
* (Launcher) Find hard drive zip file relative to hard drives dir.
* (Launcher) GUI widgets to override memory settings.
* (Launcher) Added checkboxes for uaegfx.card and bsdsocket.library.
* (Launcher) Added checkbox to enable NTSC mode.
* (Launcher) Updated GUI main window background drawing to make the GUI look better on Linux (looks much nicer on Kubuntu now).
* (Launcher) Center FS-UAE window on launcher window.
* (Launcher) Center launch dialog on main window also on OS X.
* (Launcher) Updated look for OS X.

Download: fs-uae v1.3.28 Beta
Source: Here

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