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XM7'(DASH) v1.2L11 is released. XM7' is an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7'(DASH) v1.2L11 Changelog:

- Except some of the features of the preceding implemented, integrating the code of the official version in V1.1L51 XM7dash.
- In addition to adding the icon, which was introduced in the official version V1.1L51 three and one 3.5 inches 5 inches 2HD 2HD icon icon icon creation based on Mr. Maru heaven.
Changes to the specifications set show or hide in the operation setting of XM7, the specification was no longer displayed in the title bar, the name of the file and mount to mount a conventional 2 ~ 3 1MB/320KB FDD #.
- However, the name of the mounted file 2-3 # is we can not show any display settings.
Operation setting XM7 when disabled is hidden, all specifications in the file name that you mount 1MB FDD, to 32KB/128KB bubble holder unit, when the limit of the model behavior specifications that are hidden only the status bar and title bar changed.
- 32KB limit of bubble holder according to standard FM sound valid at the time of FM-7/77 mode is included in the limit depending on the model behavior.
- According to specification change to DOS mode if it was bubble mode V1 Bonga, a specification setting again if it was boot mode unselectable after model change behavior, if 1MB DOS mode, bubble mode, it was 128KB bubble mode change in the specification if DOS mode, BASIC was the mode (RAM back) of the BASIC mode.
- Change the icon of the dialog displays a different version (FM-8/7/77) models run the application icon.
- Blue background change to black from the 3.5-inch 2HD icon.
- Changed to "1MB/320KB FDD" the representation of GUI menu "1MB/320KB disk". Accordingly, changes in the "0-3" notation "0-3" drive.
- Changed to "0-1" notation GUI menu "32KB/128KB bubble 0-1". Along with it, on top of the "# 0" - Add the notation "32KB/128KB bubble holder unit."
- Number of characters of the caption is more than a certain number, such as mount an image of the long file names Fixed an issue CAP character of the status bar is broken.
- When you write a multi-page or multi-page read in 1 ~ # 3 128KB 32KB bubble bubble holder unit holder unit # 1 and # Fixed a problem that ends with only the first page.
- Modified to be deleted from the history if the selected file from the history did not exist already.
- Fixed an issue that was not to be able to start in full screen mode when you restart when finished with the last full-screen mode.

Download: XM7'(DASH) v1.2L11
Source: Here

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