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EmuCR: lsnes lsnes rr1 delta15 epsilon3 is released. lsnes is a SNES rerecording emulator based on bsnes core.

lsnes rr1 delta15 epsilon3 Changelog:
- Lua: Memory mapping.
- Lua: Fix bus_address to not behave like GB was SNES.
- Bsnes: Fix functions dependent on debugger.
- Fix resets in presence of save-every-frame.
- Fix crash on certain memory watch expressions.
- Lua: memory.read_expr
- Fix memory commands on addresses longer than 8 hex digits.
- Fix autohold menu.
- Fix superscope and justifier.
- Lua: Fix bit.extract with booleans.

Download: lsnes rr1 delta15 epsilon3
Source: Here

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