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EmuCR :MakaronEXMakaronEX v4.1 is released. MakaronEX is a a special buid of the original emulator Makaron (Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI videogame systems emulator). MakaronEX has a comfortable and intuitive interface, supports some additional features that were not available to the original version of the emulator.

EmuCR: MakaronEX

MakaronEX v4.1 Changelog:
- Added displaying information about the game in the Roms Manager (Naomi)
- Added ability to view the contents of a zip archive of romset (Naomi)
- Added the ability to compare the contents of romset CRC with ClrMAMEPro base (Naomi)
- Alternative running game from the Roms Manager by right click (Naomi)
- Changed the visualization in a window on the cube (a-la DxDiag)
- Removed the focus from the language component
- Fixed and modified the control of sound
- Fixed an issue with the loss of focus after closing the form and restore from system tray
- Slightly changed interface of Images Manager (Dreamcast)
- Fixed restart GUI, if you select a language that was active
- Fixes some system messages

Download: MakaronEX v4.1
Source: Here

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  1. Let me guess some more viruses from the makaron team?

    1. You do know this is not an official makaron release right, so don't blam the makaron team for viruses

  2. Not even bothered to pay attention to the excessive suspiciousness antivirus programs? The last time it was still told that there are no viruses. Are you at it again?

  3. Funny because I believe it messed up a couple peoples computers'. False positive my ass how come every other emulator has no viruses/Trojans that I have tried out. I use avast and I'll say it I'm a pirate I download cracked games everyday and avast never picks up "false positives" not even once.

  4. Hey, you guys and gals (Perhaps not)... Please grow up and stop complaint!

  5. Infelizmente os malditos erros 1006 e 1002 continuam, mais o emulador esta mais rápido

  6. Essas janelas não aparece no meu PC. Gosto muito deste emulador mais já esta na hora de corregir os erros 1006 e 1002, e se, eu não estou perdindo muito por favor coloque filtro de textura no emulador como no Dolphin3.5 e no Pcsx2 r1.0.0. Obrigado equipe MakaronEX!!

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol67g9iBQjU

  8. This emu crashes with every DC game I've tried.

    1. If you got your version here, it's probably crashing cuz they had to remove some "good" code, to make room for more viruses.
      (I haven't tried it yet, but have heard good things about MakaronEX. Go to "Emu-land.net" to get a legit version)

  9. Dunno if anyone still gets "fooled" into coming HERE for MakaronEx -- I did, because my google search failed to say, "If you want the shadey version, go here!"
    But if you want to try makaronEX without all the Undesirables, you can get it at www.emu-land.net.
    It's a Russian site, so chrome is the best browser choice for the translation. I BELIEVE the guy who owns the site is the coder who has picked up on IMPROVING makaron. VirusTotal does show 1 possible trojan out of 44 tests, THAT is within reason.
    ***A dead giveaway with EVERY emulator I've tried or wanted to:
    - If it requires an "Install", it is probably not the official version. (EVERY one I've used simply requires being unzipped).***
    Bearing that in mind, "Nichole", having a single file named "MakaronEX SETUP.exe", is a huuuuuuge red flag. The 6 virus detections is the brick wall just after the red flag. :+)


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