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no$psx v1.2 is released. no$psx is a nocash Playstation PSone emulator by martin korth

no$psx v1.2 Changelog:

- audio: supports 16bit sound output (less noisy on compressed adpcm samples)
- audio: supports mono output or disabled sound output (without crashing emu)
- emu: avoids triggering f8_brk_handler upon sp=FFFFFFFFh (Crash Bandicoot 3)
- emu: avoids warnings on writes to invalid io ports (unless warnings enabled)
- video: supports GP0(35h,37h,3Dh,3Fh) unused-shading commands (castlevania)
- video: added display brightness option (nonlinear bright, or linear dark)
- video: overscan: skips hidden upper scanlines (mainly for NTSC games)
- video: underscan: draws black upper/lower borders (mainly for PAL games)
- debug: memorizes old PC on emulation start (for undo "jump" via cursor left)
- debug: input boxes recognize hi,lo,pc registers (eg. for ctrl+g, goto pc)
- debug: option: allows to disable single, or multi-word disass pseudo opcodes
- debug: added optional cdrom-command logging to TTY window (see other options)
- setup: enabled automatic-save-options by default, removed fixed settings
- a22i: rejects overflow-trap-flag (t) on logical commands (via mipass_logi_inj)
- bios: fixed "extract_device_name" return value (for castlevania's "sim:")
- bios: fixed "krom_2_offset" calculation: (msb-88h)*BCh+(lsb<7Fh)+lsb-9Fh - bios: added "patch_install_lightgun_irq_handler_inefficient" (dqm) - bios: added "patch_uninstall_early_card_irq_handler_inefficient" (raiden dx) - bios-font: 1st choice: use copy of font from psx-bios.rom (if present) (fast) - bios-font: 2nd choice: use formerly created no$psx.chr (if present) (fast) - bios-font: 3rd choice: create no$psx.chr from japanese 4Mbyte MS Gothic (slow) - bios-font: 4th choice: otherwise use non-japanese font from Courier New (fast) - bios-font: 5th choice: dummy rectangles (non-blanks required for castlevania) - selftest: shows CPU, GPU, and SPU emulation load (in iomap "timers" window)

EmuCR: no$psx

Download: no$psx v1.2
Source: Here

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  1. Nicely done.. I wonder if he is secretly developed 3DS into No$Gba emulator ? Who knows. :)

  2. Martin Korth, please continue your No$gmb emulator project because the Cheat code dialog is wierd, codes always freeze after disable or remove the codes etc... Game Shark = 20 codes allowed? Game Genie = 6 Codes allowed? Please renew the CHEAT CODES dialog right now!!!


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