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EmuCR:MameUIMAMELOAD TNG Beta u53 is released. MAMELOAD TNG is a Frontend GUI for MAME. ML has pretty much all of the features that MAMELOAD had in the DOS days, but it attempts to be functional and fast with low memory usage. This program was always designed to simply be thrown in the MAME folder and executed. Since ML supports most command-line triggers - a MAME.ini is not required. It assumes you have a basic knowledge of MAME including a decent working knowledge of how to adjust your settings via MAME's command-line and .INI file.

Main Features
- Quickly determines an 'available' list (only checks to see if a ZIP or
folder exists).
- Compatability to all MAME Windows versions since it's inception.
(MAME 0.37b15 onward)
- Have the option of using other command line compatable MAME derivitives and
other MAME-based emulators! Tested builds include: MAMEUI, MAMEUI32FX,
MisfitMAME, AgeMAME, PinMAME, HAZEMD, MESS, MJOLNIR, M1, Final Burn Alpha,
Supermodel 0.2a and more!
- Full Screen and Windowed modes.
- Rotating Screen support. The screen can be orientated as normal or rotated
90, 180 or 270 degrees. This functionaity is available to Full Screen and
all windowed modes which status can be changed on the fly through
in-program input.
- Able to view .PNG extra files as well as use .PNG as a background for your
- Support for up to 50 different ROMPATH directories in MAME.INI folder.
- Internal Support for viewing maintained DAT files including: MAMEINFO,
HISTORY, MARP, STORY and COMMAND.DAT files. These are all viewable at
- Ability to delete CFG/INI/NVRAM file in-program for quick testing.
- Save any viewed game list or DAT file check to a file for later viewing.
- Type to search for a GAMENAME/SETNAME/SOURCE.
- Variable Default Font Sizes (8x8, 16x16).
- External .BDF font loading and support. (up to size 20x20)
- File Selection for MESS for any media types the system requires.
- Extended Joystick and/or Mouse list navigation.
- Nearly full Command-line support.
- Simple/Flexable interface, small in size and modest in memory usage.
- Streaming music and selection sounds while traversing and using ML TNG.

MAMELOAD TNG Beta u53 Changelog:

- RESOURCE.ML updates to take in account new new known data regarding MAME and MESS commands and romsets up to 0.148u1.
- Fixed issues surrounding using MAME/MESS emulators being named something different than their accompying .ini files. In some cases where MAME and MESS would share folders, this lead to .ini files being misread and causing rompath confusion such as using mame.ini instead of mess.ini, with the results showing inaccurate assumptions of available roms.
- Took out F8 (create/backup .ini file) as it was rather buggy. If you need your .ini moved or deleted - it is better (and safer) to do so manually.
- The new Misfitmame revival project "Homebrew MAME (hbmame)" will work just fine with ML. Simply extract this package (and the 2 added .DLL) in the same folder as the HBMAME executable. Create a new .ini with the command "hbmame -cc". Edit that hbmame.ini file to add the rompaths that differ from "roms" in the current folder. When you run ML the first time, it assumes you want to run MAME. If it does not find it, you need to let the program not find it, creating a file "favorite.ml". You then edit this file - finding the line "executable_name=" and putting "hbmame". Save the text file and run ML again. Everything should start fine.

Download: MAMELOAD TNG Beta u53
Source: Here

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