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EmuCR:Shmupmame Shmupmame v4.2 is released. Shmupmame is an improved MAME. Shmupmame cuts down on input delay for a lot of drivers for shmups which owns. what also owns is that these drivers include the cps1, cps2, and cps3 drivers which means you can play capcom fighters with less input delay.

Shmupmame v4.2 Changelog:

Version 4.2 is out now, the improvements in this version can be split into four categories:

1) Bug fixes: Direct 3D problems are now properly solved and all versions work as intended now, I also brought back 1945kiii and G-stream g2020 which were mistakenly removed in Shmupmame 4.

2) A series of small additions to the core system which improve the overall experience: Autofire rate saving and loading between play sessions (which was missing from Mameplus), Autofire delay display in hertz, Customizable autofire rate for custom buttons, A Cleanratio option (aspect corrected cleanstretch that finds the largest scale factor depending on the view), a Viewpercent option which allows to arbitrarily shrink the view (useful if you want a specific scaling factor or a specific resolution) and a few more artwork options (lighter scanlines options).

3) New input latency lowering method, I managed to fix a few shmups with the new lag removal method described in the previous post (all the other games on the namcos1 drivers are also improved and most games in the namcos2 driver):

4) Game specific additions: Autosword feature for Mars Matrix which is mapped to button 2, it behaves just like the Dreamcast version. Samples support for Same Same Same, Fire Shark, Vimana, Ghox and Teki Paki using the thundermame code (thanks to BPzeBanshee for porting some parts of the code).

Download: Shmupmame v4.2 Qt GUI + Command line (win 32-bit)
Download: Shmupmame v4.2 Old Style GUI (win 32-bit)
Download: Shmupmame v4.2 Qt GUI + Command line (win 64-bit)
Download: Shmupmame v4.2 Old Style GUI (win 64-bit)
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