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ZXSP v0.8.0 Pre22 is released. zxsp is a simulator for the historic Sinclair ZX home computer families for Mac OS X. zxsp simulates the black&white models ZX80 and ZX81, the Jupiter Ace, the ZX Spectrum models with 16K and 48K ram, the Spanish clone from Inves, the +128, +2, and the +2A/+2B including the Spanish and French localised versions.

3 new models added! Ok, basically it's only one model which comes in 3 variants:

The Timex Sinclair 2068 Family
The Timex Sinclair 2068 (USA)
The Timex Computer 2068 (Portugal)
The unipolbrit 2086 (Poland)
Technically they are very similar, not to say identical, but there are minor differences:
The US version runs with 60 Hz, the European variants with 50 Hz frame rate.
The Polish version had only one joystick port, the right port was replaced by a parallel "Centromix" port. But, *wonder*, *my* U2086 had 2 joystick ports! So currently the U2086 is also emulated with 2 joystick ports and no parallel printer port.

Download: ZXSP v0.8.0 Pre22
Source: Here

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