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EmuCR: lsnes lsnes rr2 beta 18 is released. lsnes is a SNES rerecording emulator based on bsnes core.

lsnes rr2 beta 18 Changelog:
* bsnes core: Raise bus breaks against correct address
* C interface: Fix lag counting without LSNES_CORE_CAP1_PFLAG
* C interface: Check for value != 0, not for control != 0 for lag check
* Fix core callbacks being undefined if loading ROM from cmdline
* Fix compilation on Mac OS X
* Fix mouse electronics test
* Tweak new movie dialog layout a bit
* Add JSON linter utility
* Force some configuration windows to be larger
* Correctly show axes as disabled even if offline
* Don't double-close audio output
* Fix deleting executing breakpoint
* Lua: Get lag count function
* Allow bsnes tracelogger to trace execution in controller registers
* SNES: Fix disassembly of long offsets
* Make setting/unsetting non-bus breaks much faster.
* Optimize movie.find_frame()

Download: lsnes rr2 beta 18
Source: Here

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