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EmuCR: DMGBoyDMGBoy v2.0 is released. DMGBoy(Dot Matrix Game Boy) is a Game Boy emulator written in C++. It uses wxWidgets for the user interface and SDL and portaudio for the audio. Is Cross-Platform: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X builds are available.

DMGBoy v2.0 Changelog:
- Added GameBoy Color compatibility
- Added a 3D model of the original GameBoy inside the window
- Added a GUI debugger with disassembler, memory viewer and breakpoints
- Translated the GUI to other languages: Spanish, French and Greek at the moment
- The window now is resizable in real time, also mantains the proportions and the borders are magnetic
- Updated wxWidgets to version 3
- Fixed instruction DAA
- Improved the LCDC states
- Improved the timing of the instructions


Download: DMGBoy v2.0
Source: Here

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