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EmuCR: GSdx-CutieGSDX FX 2.10 Revised (2014/06/25) is released. GSdx Fx is a Custom Shaders for GSdx.

Hey, sorry about being away for so long. I've been busy.

I have been working on a few things in my spare time though. That I won't go into right now but, one of them being the ability to use colour lookups for hardware colour correcting GSdx, and to use color palettes. Similar to enbpalettes from enb series. For hw based lut grading etc.

For now, I'm just providing an update for the GSdx post-processing suite. to v2.10

Most effects have been updated. Some such include: improved the bloom effect, rewrote tone mapping logic + new options, added new colour correction options, filmic cross processing, etc.

Effect output should now also be consistent across all resolutions. Some optimizations, and new user options also.

Download: GSDX FX 2.10 Revised (2014/06/25)
Source: Here


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