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EmuCR: KEGA FusionKEGA Fusion v3.64 (60fps fix) is released. Fusion is a Sega SG1000, SC3000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive, SVP, Pico, SegaCD/MegaCD and 32X emulator for Win9x/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7, Mac OSX/Intel, and Linux.

Whats New ?

I´m making this unplanned release, because things never go as planned, and
all my stuff is going to be in storage for a while (again). Due to that
thing they call ´real life´ I have probably forgotten most of what I´ve
changed since the last build, and there may be stuff I have only partially
implemented and forgotten about.

But I´ll list what I remember, and I´m sure you guys (and girls) will find
stuff I forgot about, or broke - because you rock.

Most of what I´ve done is by user request. PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY MAJOR

* Swapped SMS buttons

* Added an option (that I couldn´t think of a suitable name for) to show
the full SMS area when running GG games

* Fixed a couple of non-working SMS games (auto disable of some features,
e.g. YM2413, which would cause them to crash if present)

* Fixed some other minor SMS issues

* GG games that are really SMS games in a GG cart should now auto boot in
SMS mode

* A couple of 32X tweaks that will only matter to homebrew coders currently

* Fixed a couple of SegaCD games that didn´t boot/run - if you find any
more, please do let me know - as far as I know, there are none

* Command line with -scd or -mcd and no filename will now cause Fusion to
start up in ´Boot SegaCD´ mode

* Added support for the (pretty useless) SF7000 floppy disk interface for
the SC3000 - you need the SF7000 IPL ROM for this to work

* SC3000 keyboard can now be enabled from the options menu

* A few sound tweaks

Regular scheduled programming will resume as soon as possible.


There is no new version, just a repackage of ours.
Because as you probably know, Windows 8 and higher Kega Fusion stuck at 30 fps in fullscreen.
For this problem we have added a fix to the DirectDraw DLL in the directory of Kega.

Download: KEGA Fusion v3.64 (60fps fix)


  1. Does anyone know if Beggar Prince works properly now?

  2. so I just put the windows 8.1 ddraw.dll into the 'fusion364' folder?

    1. ok now I have a question for real. anyone know how to disable the blue title bars? or make them black? when ntsc aspect is disabled? tryin' to see perfect circles in sonic the hedgehog 1, not the default squashed vertically image. and the blue title bars are super distracting. thanks!

    2. never mind I figured that out too XD options > set config > genesis > disable border :) enjoy!

    3. *edit* the title bars are not always blue. in the case of sonic 2, they're a much more tolerable dark maroon color AND they cover up a super annoying glitch with the bottom horizontal line. this way you can keep ntsc aspect disabled to see mostly perfect circles (except in the gem stages. apparently sega had a couple different aspect ratios going on in this game, but most of the game is on the normal levels, where ntsc disabled appears to be the correct aspect... but the 2 player racing is super wide/distorted, so i'd maybe change it back to ntsc for that)


      The link this a-hole posted:

      It has you download a zip file with a setup.exe inside. The setup will install the malware called "Launchpad" which takes over ALL your browsers!

      Seriously f you 9578b862-55c8-11e4-b104-8be684965aa3 for posting that virus link!


    5. F(r)iend: I think I might know what happened. That file sharing site appears to have malicious sponsors camping over the legitimate download links. For example, I just followed the link and clicked on the blue "Download" button leading to a "download. file-upload. net" link. The first click made a new tab open, the one to watch out for, with a bogus orange download button in the centre ("bolb. blob. core" plus some crap). However clicking the BLUE Download button again on the original page immediately presented me with a browser-generated download prompt for the correct ZIP file, only 491KB in size, with all the RPI files inside. Also watch out for all the bogus "Download" or "Skip ad" ad buttons around it.

      Best rule of thumb when dealing with scummy file sharing sites: the correct download button/link is the one with the sharing site's domain within the link that is visible when hovering over it. e.g. If either there is no link or it reads something like "busty. beauties" when the sharing site is mediafire. com, stay the Hell away!

  3. Ax Battler for Game Gear doesn't work well on version 3.64: sprites are invisible. This game work with 3.63 only.

    1. Same thing happens for me too.

      Also, Secret of Monkey Island for Sega CD doesn't run at all. Is it the same for anyone else, or is it just me?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. ive used 3 diff roms from 3 diff sources and i still see no player or enemy sprites for ax battler for game gear for kega fusion 3.64. what bios could i be missing? bios not required to even boot up gamegear. bram stokers dracula rom works fine.

    4. @Unknown: Ax Battler doesn't work on KF 3.64, it works on 3.63. The 3.64 version (only for Windows) is just a test version.

      From the old Eidolon’s Inn page (via Wayback Machine, http://bit.ly/1IXMQZO):

      “New windows build, many small changes. This was unplanned, but I wanted to get it out there before I have to pack all my equipment away. May be problems, please do let me know if you find anything, and you may want to keep 3.63 around for a while.


      Probably there’s some bug in the last version.

  4. Im on windows 8.1 and for some reason alot of the plgins dont show and most the video options dont show either,, like resolution options, aspect ratio etc, tried everything, even older versions but none seem to work, dont know what else to try, with this plugin i cant enter fullscreen, just gives black screen

  5. Can someone PLEASE make one of these 60fps dll's for Windows 10! I love this emulator :(

    1. I hope that too, or atleast update the emu for windows 10 :)

    2. Been using genesis plus gx core in retroarch, it's pretty dam good but kega fusion is so much easier to use.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Éduard

      Hi, Guys!

      To use Kega Fusion or other 16-bit emulator, you do not need Ddraw.dll in the emulator directory!

      Just Set the emulation system .EXE in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and check the color reduction option for 8-bit and then
      select the option to run as board administrator!

      The games will be 60 FPS in FullScreen!

      If you wish, after opening the emulator with these settings,
      just disable the color reduction option will function normally
      Why ocnfiguração will be registered in Windows!

      I use Windows 10 PRo Build 10240 x64 and is working
      usually with me!


  6. Hey guys just upgrade to windows 10. Just tested this emulator on w10 and the dll is no longer required it works flawlessly!

    1. So you just wanted fix without actual testing and not knowing if it works or not. Nice.

  7. I don't know guys, I have Win 10 Pro build 240 and everything works, 60fps+vsync flawlessly without any tweaking. I'm surprised someone still needs 30fps fix. Maybe hardware configuration matters, I have Radeon 280X+latest Catalyst

  8. Hello application is translating to my language and I noticed that the emulator only supports 48 plugins rendering when there are a total of 51 plugins now, thanks.

  9. Since most internet forums won't let me comment unless I sign up, I decided to ask for help here. I just upgraded to Windows 10, and my Kega 3.64 had perfect framerate. Yesterday I plugged my computer into my TV via an HDMI cord so I could view a YouTube video on my TV. After unhooking the HDMI cord, I opened Kega again, and discovered the frame rate is lagging. For instance when playing Sonic 2, Sonic's feet should make a complete circle while running at top speed. Instead, the frame rate lags a bit, and the circle effect lags along with the background and virtually everything that moves in the game, regardless of how fast said objects and the background is moving. I've tried everything I can think of, even re-installing Kega. Does anyone have an answer as to how to fix this frame rate lag?

  10. I'm on Windows 10 and I can't get Silpheed (US) to work with Kega 3.64 or Gens+. It worked flawlessly on my old computer. Now the game just freezes up at the launch sequence or when loading level 1. I could fix the fullscreen bug with another thread on this forum but this one I can't solve.

  11. I got sega genesis games to run fine, howerver when i plug my laptop into my tv through hdmi, the emulator will not boot any games at all. If I close the emulator, delete the .ini, and unplug the hdmi the games run fine. Does anyone know what my issue could be?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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