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Once again thanks a lot to Cheetahmen for provided carts! Not so special this time, but since I have nothing to dump just now, that is great anyway. ;) So, from a bunch of variety of pirate stuff I have today, this one is most interesting. So called "SUPER 4-in-1" contains in total 4 simple little games, made by our chinese friends. Most of them using LightGun for controls. The same games can be found on a variety of standalone or handheld famicom based consoles with built-in games or OneBus systems like DreamGear. I'm not sure if any of such games aren't dumped before now, but I can't find any of them in existing dumps, so I can assume they isn't. ;)

EmuCR: NEWS: FAMI Dumping project

And some addition, to add more flesh to today's release, a couple of hacks from multigame cart "HIGH K Power Sports 4-in-1 (F-646)". THere is no point to emulate it completely, only two games are something special, two more games are unhacked regular versions of known games. These two are former "Tecmo World Cup Soccer" and "Nakajima Satoru - F-1 Hero 2" accordingly.
EmuCR: NEWS: FAMI Dumping project

News Source: Here

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