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EmuCR: EmuTosEmuTos v0.9.4 is released. EmuTos is a GEMDOS compatible operating system for Atari ST series computers. It is made from Digital Research's GPLed original sources and is a free and open source replacement for common TOS images for Atari ST emulators.

EmuTos v0.9.4 Changelog:
Major changes:
- Compile with -O2 by default for best optimization.
- New emutos-m548x-bas variant to support BaS_gcc on ColdFire Evaluation Boards.
- Less RAM usage: 94 kB saved from previous release.
- EmuDesk: Added feature to display text files.
- EmuDesk: Added feature to move files/folders with Control key.

Other changes:
- Renamed the emutos-m548x variant to emutos-m548x-dbug to avoid confusion.
- BIOS: Fixed floppy drive motor remaining on if there was no floppy.
- BIOS: Do not disable IKBD mouse and joystick on startup.
- BIOS: Added basepage information in panic messages.
- BIOS: Added missing standard ST glyphs from the 6x6 system font.
- BIOS: Fixed _FDC cookie initialization.
- BIOS: Improved floppy routines and media change detection.
- BIOS: Fixed application cartridge initialization address on 32-bit address bus.
- BIOS: Limit IDE interfaces to 1 for non-Firebee hardware.
- BDOS: Check for special device names in Fopen() and Fcreate().
- BDOS: Do not check Fopen() mode (R,W,RW) in Fread()/Fwrite() - just like Atari TOS.
- BDOS: Fixed file date/time incorrectly changed by a cross-directory rename.
- VDI: Select right default fonts, according to vertical screen resolution.
- VDI: Fixed aspect ratio values returned by v_opnwk().
- VDI: Fixed crash due to text blit outside screen area.
- VDI: Fixed v_pieslice() & v_ellpie() which did not draw small slices.
- VDI: Fixed vqt_extent() output for 270° rotation.
- VDI: Fixed vst_rotation() to behave like TOS3/TOS4.
- AES: Improved File Selector.
- AES: Make most dialogs inner border 1-pixel wide.
- AES: Fixed bug that caused accessories to stop responding after a few resolution changes.
- AES: Fixed alert buttons which could overlap icons.
- AES: Fixed 7up hang on exit.
- EmuDesk: Always display file/folder countdown when copying/deleting.
- EmuDesk: Improved error messages.
- EmuDesk: The total number of items in all open windows is no longer limited to 400.
- EmuDesk: Allow desktop copy/delete operations to be interrupted by UNDO key.
- EmuDesk: Increase horizontal spacing for window icons in some resolutions.
- EmuDesk: Fixed the width of the menu items in all languages.
- EmuCON: 'type/cat' can now display correctly files with UNIX line endings.
- EmuCON: Added 'more' command.
- EmuCON: Allow the user to interrupt 'cp/mv' commands.
- Lots of various improvements and bugfixes.

EmuCR: EmuTos

Download: EmuTos v0.9.4
Source: Here

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