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EmuCR:MAMEUIFXMAMEUIFX v0.162 is released. MAMEUIFX is a derivative unofficial build based on the original MAME/MAMEUI source code. MAMEUIFX has more improvements over regular MAME.

MAMEUIFX v0.162 changelog:
Updated to MAME 0.162
* Changelog from 0.162:
- Enabled again support for old DIRECTINPUT 7 to increase compatibility with GUI and gamepads
- Attempt to fix MAMETESTERS bug ID 05939 (prehisle: Wrong speed )
NOTE: MAMEUIFX is compiled with ARCADES ONLY support, MESS part of the project is excluded and not available.

Download: MAMEUIFX v0.162 x86
Download: MAMEUIFX v0.162 x64
Source: Here

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