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EmuCR: MEWUIMEWUI v1.64 is released. MEWUI is intended as an simple extension of the internal UI of MAME, whose main characteristic lies in viewing the complete games list.

MEWUI v1.64 Changelog:

Added "Not Support Save" - "No CHD" - "Not Use Samples" filters in main list.
Added signs to identify filters active in custom list.
Added ability to save multiple files for exported lists.
Added palette submenu in colors UI customization.
Added toolbar (with tooltip) in main and softwares lists. (icons taken from http://www.icojam.com/ public domain packages)
Added custom filter to software lists.
Added selection menu for multiple software parts.
Fixed favorites handling (*** need to re-create lists from scratch to avoid crash ***).


Download: MEWUI v1.64 x86
Download: MEWUI v1.64 x64
Source: Here

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