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Yanese v0.85 is released. Yanese is a free Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator running in Windows XP,Vista, 7 and 8 under x86 and x64 processors.

Yanese v0.85 Changelog:
- Unicode: The emu is entirely UNICODE now and calls its Win API. No more ANSI.
- Rom GUI: I have added a right click contextual menu to the "rom list". You can select: Load The Rom, Delete BMP preview and Delete ROM. Be aware that deleting a ROM deletes it permanently, it doesn't go to the Recycle Bin
- BMP Preview: When the emu inits it will check for orphans BMP roms previews and will delete it. I added this option if the emu thread is closedin a non-traditional way. So there are not unnecessary BMPs rounding in /rompreview.
- Rom Preview: The BMP preview is saved top to bottom inverted. If you explore the /rompreview folder you will see BMPs all inverted. Anyway the Emu shows it well in the Rom Preview window. I had to do this becouse i tested "LoadImage()" Win API in Windows 10 and it always failed. Thing that didn't happen in Windows 7 for example. This way ensures compatibilities between Windows Versions. Anyway i haven't tested it in XP, nor Vista neither Win 8. I think it should work fine.
- SCALE2X: The algorithm has been improved and consumes less CPU usage.
- INI File: The emu now uses SimpleIni class. It's encourged to delete the old .ini file you had.

Download: Yanese v0.85 x86
Download: Yanese v0.85 x64
Source: Here

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