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EmuCR: Project64Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2015/12/23) is compiled. It is a HLE audio plugin for N64 emulators written by Azimer.

Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git Changelog:
* Possible fix for WDC
Could be a better solution to PR #141? This would essential say if we
are not initialized (FALSE), do not call AI_ReadLength and instead use
the value from AI_LEN_REG which shouldn't have changed since the last
buffer was submitted.
* Merge pull request #142 from cxd4/try-SDL
Finally get the plugin to actually run on Linux.
* Mark WIN32 block sources of frozen audio on Linux.
These three macro blocks are the source of what disabled code should not be omitted, or audio will not work on Mupen64 0.5 for Windows or Mupen64 0.5 for Linux.
* uploaded basic template for creating a SDL sound driver
* Get SoundDriver.cpp compiling outside of Windows.
* Temporarily resort to SDL for new sound driver code.

Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2015/12/23) x86
Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2015/12/23) x64
Source: Here

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