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EmuCR: DreavmDreavm Git (2016/01/19) is compiled. Dreavm is a work in progress emulator for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Dreavm Git Changelog:
* graceful shutdown
* remove old tty related events
* msvc compilation fixes
* removed beaengine
* added source map support for translating host addresses back to guest addresses
added guest address ir opcodes for actually emitting the debug address information
added support for recompiling blocks instead of backpatching for when slow memory access is needed
* renamed dreavm namespace
* don't test ctx_.pc to terminate loop in Run
* moved Runtime to SH4CodeCache
added --interpreter command line option

Dreavm Running

dreavm --bios=path/to/dc_bios.bin --flash=path/to/dc_flash.bin [bin or gdi file]

Download: Dreavm Git (2016/01/19) x64
Source: Here


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