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EmuCR: LaunchBox LaunchBox v5.7 is released. LaunchBox is a relatively easy to set up frontend for DOSBox. It has plenty of options and is very pleasing to the eyes.

EmuCR: LaunchBox
New features for the actual app include an Options dialog with some quick debugging options for games, new Version and Game Manual fields, and even further optimizations that yet again significantly speed up the application.

LaunchBox v5.7 Changelog:
- Improvement: Added some additional safety checks to help prevent cases of XML file corruption
- Improvement: Editing and removing games is now pretty much instantaneous regardless of how large your collection is
- Fixed: When populating games with large collections LaunchBox would sometimes behave like it wasn't responding
- Fixed: Right-clicking in list view wasn't properly updating the selection
- Fixed: The favorite button in the game details wasn't working

Download: LaunchBox v5.7
Source: Here

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