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EmuCR: NegatronNegatron v0.97 is released. Negatron is yet another front-end for MAME, the well-known multi-system emulator. Negatron has been first engineered to assist users in managing the huge list of machines available in MAME as intuitively as possible, them being arcade machines, consoles or computers. It has been developed in order to be as much hassle-free as possible, checking for any changed or updated resources automatically.

Negatron v0.97 Changelog:
* Minor edits.

* Fixed the regression where Support columns couldn't get sorted anymore.
* Fixed errors raised while processing ZX Spectrum +3e configuration and its related floppy software list.
* Fixed multipart software management: the Assignment column of the software configuration pane could sometimes still display devices removed after a machine configuration modification.
* Fixed multipart software management: devices could have their values reset to none instead of keeping their assigned values after machine parameter modifications.
* Fixed machine configuration management: in some complex cases where an option was renamed to option1 or was removed after a modification, Negatron could wrongly deem this modification as being invalid.
* Changed software list management so that Negatron works without errors even if there are no softlists configured.
* Changed the sorting of Description columns to ignore letter cases, allowing to have every [b/B]eatmania games together instead of having Beatmania games at the beginning and beatmania games at the end.
* Changed the default paths of the MAME EXTRAs entries for Cabinet and Device to match the modifications of the MAME EXTRAs set v0.168 as defined at the Pleasuredome.
* Improved behaviour: closing the machine configuration pane, the software list or the software information pane now also automatically closes the software configuration pane.
* Improved icon caching and display during the initial cache creation phase.
* Added automatic ROM availability checking, with results being displayed in the Status column.
* Increased the maximum size of allowed RAM amount from 1GB to 2GB. The higher limit is required during the initial cache creation phase, which now does a lot of stuff simultaneously.

Download: Negatron v0.97
Source: Here

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