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EmuCR: PCSXR 360PCSXR 360 v2.0.9 is released. PCSXR 360 is a sony playstation 1 (PSX) emulator using libxenon, based on lastest PCSX-Reloaded source code available.

PCSXR 360 v2.0.9 Changelog:
- Spu fixes(overal games are working with a little better sound effects. Noticiable in games like Ridge Race type 4, megamen x series, and maybe others.
- Fix some gameguide problems.
- Remove virtual memory.(VM broke some games).
- Some fixes on ppc dynarec found on pcsx reloaded source code.(lode runner now runs on dynarec).
- New shaders by retroarch added(new hls folder).

Download: PCSXR 360 v2.0.9
Source: Here

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  1. Freezing on mine RGH1.2 Falcon v2. All other homebrews works fine. Maybe a launcher.ini issue ? Someone knows whats going on?


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