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MAMEMAME Git (2016/04/23) is compiled. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

MAME Git Changelog:
* fix for v25 building (nw)
* hh_tms1k: copycatm2 is now playable
* enabled internal debugger, but this would need to go in time, it is too coupled with UI (nw)
* Add missing files.
* Implemented dynamic loading of precompiled solver code. [Couriersud]
* Removed specific filter implementation and merged it with placed where used (nw)
* debugimgui: Optimised rendering by drawing text via the window draw list.
* changes for UWP (nw)
* more cleanup of includes (nw)
* deps are fixed remove includes (nw)
* move vector to video devices (nw)
* mode devices to proper library (nw)
* Split UI and frontend part from core [Miodrag Milanovic]
* New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Champion Number (V0.67) [Roberto Fresca, f205v]
* Merge pull request #828 from palazzol/palazzol
fixed segag80v clocks
* fixed segag80v clocks
* plugins/cheatfind: add bitwise comparisons (nw)
* Alta Tensione: Added technical notes, game status,
and patched the boot protection. [Roberto Fresca]
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Alta Tensione (ver. 2.01a) [Roberto Fresca, f205v]
* dmv: fixed ROM loading for -bios 4
* Simplified min, max, default and step value handling for chain configuration
- min, max, default and step are now floating points without an addition scale factor
* video.cpp: create final snapshot on -str runs even for screenless systems. Fixes MT04965 (nw)
* dynduke.cpp: fixed MT04919 (nw)
* fidel sc12/sc9 layout: corrected order of chess symbols

Download:MAME Git (2016/04/23) x86
Download:MAME Git (2016/04/23) x64
Source: Here

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