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EmuCR: MESSMESS Git (2016/04/02) is compiled. MESS(Multi Emulator Super System) is an open source emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. MESS is a source-available project which documents the hardware for a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles, and calculators through software emulation, as MAME does for arcade games. As a nice side effect to this documentation, MESS allows software and games for these hardware platforms to be run on modern PCs.

MESS Git Changelog:
* fix the MSVC build (nw)
I wonder how it could have ever worked. emu lacked zlib.h reference,
super80.cpp lacked UINT8 declaration.
* Majestic 12 (US) clone added
New Clone Added
Majestic Twelve - The Space Invaders Part IV (US) [Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union]
* Some roms not found means the set is bad, all roms not found means the set is not found. Whatever this change was for probably can and should be done a different way.
Revert "Not found should actually return not found"
This reverts commit c756043e5509d0a94f60fc45f01745b1fd6671f5.
* boohiss, no zelda on april fools day.
Maybe another day? If somebody offers their dusty G&W Zelda for decap.
* hh_sm510: WIP nintendo game&watch zelda
* cv1k.cpp: some work towards save state support. Should work but it would be better not to save the bitmap, so for the time being it is disabled by default (nw)
* layouts: added triangle symbol
* Fixed MT06171: Specialized ini file settings get retained on a second game launch.
* this is infinite ammo in the proto (nw)

Download: MESS Git (2016/04/02) x86
Download: MESS Git (2016/04/02) x64
Source: Here

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