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EmuCR: NegatronNegatron v0.97.5 is released. Negatron is yet another front-end for MAME, the well-known multi-system emulator. Negatron has been first engineered to assist users in managing the huge list of machines available in MAME as intuitively as possible, them being arcade machines, consoles or computers. It has been developed in order to be as much hassle-free as possible, checking for any changed or updated resources automatically.

Negatron v0.97.5 Changelog:
* Fixed a regression while configuring the "cheat" entry: the File button opened a folder selection popup instead of a file selection one.
* Fixed a potential bug where subfolders under any MAME EXTRAs paths could be processed as files.
* Fixed a bug where Negatron couldn't display MAME EXTRAs images whenever they were smaller than 5x5 pixels.
* Optimised the icon caching process, which should be a tad faster.
* Improved video playback capabilities by replacing JavaFX default media player with VLC (using vlcj).
* Changed regular buttons to toggle buttons where it improved usability.
* Let the loading progress indicator always visible even when the machine configuration pane is invoked.
* Removed the narrator voice as graphical cues should be enough for any UI needs.
* Added tooltips to global configuration fields.
* Updated MAME EXTRAs management to match the MAME EXTRAs set v0.172 as defined at the Pleasuredome.org.uk:
- Updated the default MAME EXTRAs configuration to match the new organisation as defined by MAME EXTRAs v0.172.
- Updated the machine and software information panels to also display all the new resources as defined by MAME EXTRAs v0.172.
- Added the ability to manage MAME EXTRAs resources as folders containing resource files or as zip compressed files containing the same resource files (but drag'n dropping a resource file will always copy it in the corresponding default folder, it won't be added to a matching zip file).

Download: Negatron v0.97.5
Source: Here

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