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EmuCR: PhoenixPhoenix v2.5 is released. Phoenix is the all-new emulator 3DO that the developer developed over 6 years, the emulator has nothing to freedo.

Phoenix v2.5 Changelog:

– Involved AngleScript for texture filtering (you can make your own filters)
– Added logging errors for scripts and shaders (near samismi scripts will appear LOG-files)
– Settings are made more intuitive, non-active elements are blocked
– Now you can customize the interface style (skin folder, remove it, if you do not like it) – Added support for the emulator interface transfers (file translation.xml)
– Setting the emulated CD-drive speed
– Check for OpenGL (if falls emulator at startup – watch opengl.log)
– Configuring percent accounted traffic CEL-Engine in the quota of time
– Improved auto-commit axes when setting the joystick
! Fixed addition management (now possible to easily assign multiple controls on the console control, and vice versa)
– Removed binding assignable keyboard shortcuts to the current layout (in some cases, management may need to reconfigure)
– Fixed loading saves with disabled optional rumami
– Update content when resizing windows and other events of context damage
– Interrupt Handling during operation CEL-Engine
– A lot of improvements in the debugger, which will further improve the emulator (debug version)
– Made reversinzhenerig pistol protocol and implemented its support (including machines with games)
– Made reversinzhenerig service fee OrbAtak protocol and implemented its support
– Made reversinzhenerig Flightstick Pro protocol
– Added the option of hiding the cursor in full screen mode

system Requirements:
P3, 128mb, windows xp/vista/7

Download: Phoenix v2.5 x86
Download: Phoenix v2.5 x64
Source: Here

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  2. Is there full source code that you compile? Rather than the zip with binary?


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