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M1.XML (2016/05/25) is released. M1.XML file for use with M1 - keeping up with changes in MAME. M1 plays the music from arcade games by running the code in the original ROMs (not supplied). This allows entirely authentic playback of classic video game tunes while you work.

M1.XML (2015/11/25) Changelog:
Bang Bang Busters (2010 NCI release) (b2b) to Neo Geo driver
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 (Neo-Geo, bootleg of CD version) (froman2b) to Neo Geo driver
Last Hope (bootleg AES to MVS conversion, no coin support) (lasthope) to Neo Geo driver
Metal Freezer (metlfrzr) to Panic Road driver
Pokonyan! Balloon (Japan 940322) (pokonyan) to CPS-1 driver

Block Block new parent, rename (block -> blockr2)
Description Fix, rename (mosyougi -> moshougi)

Data Sync to 0.174

Download: M1.XML (2016/05/25)
Source: Here

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