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EmuCR: DesmumeXDesmumeX v0.8 is released. DesmumeX is a Nintendo DS emulator for Xbox. It is based on the version 0.9 of Desmume, plus the port DSONPSP of Yoshihiro, and some specific changes for Xbox. Besides, lots of things related to 3D functionality have been gathered from version 0.9.2, and the dynamic recompiler has been taken from the 0.9.11 version.

DesmumeX v0.86 Changelog:
* The memory management has been largely improved. Now we have more free memory, and also the RAM used for textures is properly re-used if needed. This makes that a lot of games that previously crashed due to lack of RAM, are now playable for a much longer time.
* Dozens of small optimizations, to make the emulator a bit faster.
* Sound management has been improved, replacing the SDL code by DirectSound one (thanks freakdave!)

Download: DesmumeX v0.86
Source: Here

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