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EmuCR:Emu64 Emu64 v5.12 is released. Emu64 is a Commodore 64 Emulator on the Windows/DOS platform.

Emu64 v5.12 Changelog:
* SID output volume can now be adjusted settings-> sound
* Completely revised FloppyWindow
* Context menu in the D64 contents window again inserted, as well as auto-start by double-clicking
* A blank D64 disk image can be created again
* PRG export also reinstalled
* Insert the CRT by double-clicking
* Revised Diskwechselsimulation
* Blind mode for D64 table of contents
* A modified D64 disk image is now correctly saved
* C64 screen title text is also translated

Download: Emu64 v5.12 x86

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