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MAMEMAME Git (2016/08/27) is compiled. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

MAME Git Changelog:
* Minor changes to cmi2x driver, nw
* popbingo: emulate mixing of two 4bpp tilemaps to make 8bpp background [Vas Crabb]
also initialise/save palette bank properly for 8-bit Dooyong games
* Merge pull request #1327 from johnparker007/bfm_dmd_improve_colours
Improve DMD on/off dot colours
* Improve DMD on/off dot colours
* some C++14 features are not supported by VS2013. VS2015 is free for home use so no need for legacy support (nw)
* Setting GCC bar bit higher (nw)
* Temporary fix for debug compile till we fix assert (nw)
* gah how did I miss that (nw)
* While I'm causing full recompiles all the time, reduce necessary number of instantiations of parts of string formatting engine
* Proper fix for making zlib visible to vgmplay
* TEMPORARY PATCH to fix the build.
* alto2: fix timer setup (nw)
* * Make object finders behave like pointers for the purposes of implicit casts, dereferencing and array access, not something that's part pointer, part reference, part vector
* Require dummy tag to be specified explicitly, magical defaults are unhelpful here as the more common case it to search for a real object
* Make the search methods private in concrete classes where possible as users should rely on the resolution process for these things
Still can't hide the memory bank find method since atari400.cpp subverts the resolution process.
Can't get rid of set_target on shared_ptr_finder as it's abused all over the place.
* Another round of these
* fix (nw)
* More prep for removing pointer/reference duality (nw)
* t11: fine, be that way (nw)
* vector06c hook AY8910 (2 variants), promoted to working
* fd1094: get rid of a spammy printf
* lghost: allow to disable gun offset correction
* Merge pull request #1289 from Pitou1/master
Fix for Mametesters BugID #1455
* Fix for Mametesters BugID #1455
* vector06c add i8253 sound
* Merge pull request #1279 from npwoods/yet_more_softlist_cleanups
Yet more softlist cleanups
* Changed software_info::find_part() to use std::find_if()
* Minor cleanups to device_image_interface::find_software_item()
* Standardized some names for softlist concepts
- "identifier" for a potentially fully qualified way to reference a software item (e.g. - apple2gs:3stooges:flop1)
- "list_name" for the name of a list (e.g. - apple2gs or a800_flop)
- "software_name" for the name of a software item (e.g. - 3stooges)
- "part_name" for the name of a part (e.g. - flop1)
* Merge pull request #1306 from GiuseppeGorgoglione/master
gba: 1st batch of code refactorings
* gba_lcd: abstract sprite attributes into a class
This removes lots od #defines and saves lines of code.
* emucore: add template functions to deal with conversion between strongly typed enums and integral types
As seen in Scott Meyers' "Effective Modern C++".
* Merge pull request #1308 from MASHinfo/master
Added video proms to Turkey Shoot and Mystic Marathon
* Update williams.cpp
* Merge pull request #1309 from Risugami/master
Added motion controller to Midway V-Unit
* Finished implementing motion controller. Motion test will succeed and everything sent to motion controller goes to stdout. Could rewrite the whole system to be a real one, but that's for another time.
* Know everything the Galil console interface will send and receive. Faking one of the commands for now. Still not enough to make it work so there is yet another port at use somewhere.
* Finished implementing the Galil command communication. Still don't know what should be getting sent however.
* Merge pull request #1315 from mamehaze/sc2clean
previous sc2 pull requests cleaned up and reduced to a single update
* previous sc2 pull requests cleaned up and reduced to a single update
makes the DMD be treated as a screen, avoids tag lookups, adds correct dmd rom to some sets etc.
* Merge pull request #1318 from MASHinfo/master
Added missing PAL dump to Green Beret (bootleg)
* Update gberet.cpp
* Merge pull request #1322 from johnparker007/scorpion_4_layouts
Scorpion 4: add 35x Layouts
* Scorpion 4: 35x Layouts
* vector06c ramdisk emulated, machine mostly working,
fix i8080 status callbacks during push/pop
* Merge pull request #1320 from ajrhacker/mj_memory_reset
Designate more memory reset inputs in mahjong games; regularize servi…
* Designate more memory reset inputs in mahjong games; regularize service inputs in dynax.cpp
* Make object_array_finder a bit more flexible, centralise instantiation of more templates, more preparation for crud removal
* Prepare to make object finders behave like a pointer, not a half-pointer half reference part 1 (nw)
* quick fix for Sega System 32 (nw)
* hacks for MSVC building until better solutions are found. (nw)
* New floppy sound samples
* Improved floppy sound emulation.
* ti99: Fixed another issue with double stepping.
* dirom,okim6295: Add/fix banking support. Better okim fix post-release [O. Galibert]
* Fixes to build with visual studio. 3rdparty\zlib doesn't seem to be picked up when building drivers, building with msys may work because it comes bundled with it's own zlib.h. GCC pre-compiled headers is broken as it masked the missing emu.h. (nw).
* New clone added
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version H) [The Iron Goat]
* * Doxyfy a significant chunk of devfind.h
* Eliminate a lot of boilerplate code from devfind.h
* Keep instantiation of templates in one place to improve build time
* Remove some dangerous accessors
* debugimgui: added very crude create image dialog
* compis: WIP. (nw)
* Fixed validation warning.
* Pro-80: added devices. Centaur: fixed typo.
* Merge pull request #1314 from ajrhacker/clang_warnings
Change warning flags for Clang build (nw)
* Change warning flags for Clang build (nw)
-Wno-missing-braces is unfortunately now necessary to avoid errors on almost every single use of the std::array initializer in devfind.h. (Apparently C++14 does make double braces optional for std::array initializers, but clang and GCC's -Wmissing-braces never took that into proper account, which is why GCC may still have it disabled by default.)
Several other Clang-specific warnings have been undisabled; some might perhaps need to be locally reenabled if legacy 3rdparty code or sundry OSD includes happen to disagree with them. The only warning to require any code changes was -Wabsolute-value, which seems to have caught a minor render bug (and nothing more).
* Merge pull request #1234 from ajrhacker/butterflies
Improvements to almost all games in skylncr.cpp
* Create address_space_debug_wrapper to deal with pedantic but common issue (nw)
* Improvements to almost all games in skylncr.cpp
- Use standard input mappings in all games except Sonik Fighter
- Add working hopper outputs and payout buttons
- Promote mbutrfly to WORKING after solving the protection (the code wasn't encrypted) and add the button lamps internally associated with it
- Decrypt bdream97, which is almost working now with obvious graphical glitches and some apparent input problems
Slight error logging elaboration for illegal Z80 instructions (nw)

Download:MAME Git (2016/08/27) x86
Download:MAME Git (2016/08/27) x64
Source: Here

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