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EmuCR: PhoenixPhoenix v2.7 is released. Phoenix is the all-new emulator 3DO that the developer developed over 6 years, the emulator has nothing to freedo.

Phoenix v2.7 Changelog:

1.Optimizatsiya ARM CPU emulation (decreased requirements for emulation 3DO)
2.Ispravleno drop emulator when using 3DO-DSP in a separate thread
3. Added autosave and resave in the top slot to F4
4.Ispravlena error emulation Z80 (instruction halt, earned many games ColecoVision)
5.Ispravlen mode 2 TMS99XXA (graphical errors corrected in a number of ColecoVision games)
6.Uluchshena input settings (now you can play together in the arms of interactive shooting ranges)
7.Dobavlena preliminary support for Sega Master System (terribly buggy 99% do not work =)
8.Mnozhestvo minor fixes

system Requirements:
P3, 128mb, windows xp/vista/7

Download: Phoenix v2.7 x86
Download: Phoenix v2.7 x64
Source: Here

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