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XRoar v0.34 is released. XRoar is a Dragon emulator for Linux, Unix, OS X, GP32, Nintendo DS and Windows. Due to hardware similarities, XRoar also emulates the Tandy Colour Computer (CoCo) models 1 & 2.

XRoar v0.34 Changelog:
* Zoom controls fixed or added where missing
* Dragon 200-E "CLS 9" alternate text mode fixed
* Control+C to quit removed from SDL UI (use Control+Q as per the docs)
* SDL2 support
* -vo help lists video modules by UI
* Large structural changes to support more machine types
* Pixel rate doubled anticipating more machine types (could be slower)
* NTSC filtering renderer: -ccr simulated (note: slower than 5bit)
* Add cross-colour rendering menu to GUI
* PAL-M magenta-green artifacting supported with -ccr simulated
* Fix treatment of empty drives in DOS carts
* Initial IDE code [Alan Cox]

EmuCR: XRoar

Download: XRoar v0.34 Windows (32-bit)
Download: XRoar v0.34 Windows (64-bit)
Source: Here

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