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EmuCR: multiMANmultiMAN v04.80.00 is released. multiMAN is a multifunctional tmultiMAN v04.50.01ool, which includes 6 different display modes (for games, AVCHD and Blu-ray) and a 7th - File Manager + background running FTP server.

* Support and display for 7 devices (HDD/USB/BD/SDHC/MS/CF)
* Support for REMOTE PLAY via PSP or other compatible peripherals
* Update check/download feature
* Support for AVCHD activation from external USB devices
* Support for playback of AVCHD and Blu-ray content from internal HDD
* Overscan support for DLP and CRT TV sets
* MP3 playback
* DVD Playback (Showtime Media Player required)
* JPEG/PNG picture viewer
* HEX file viewer
* Support for at least 15 freetype fonts (user can change using [R3] in game display modes)
* mmOS file manager.
* Over 30 languages supported.

Download: multiMAN v04.80.00
Source: Here

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  1. Aug 28 2016 вышел вы там что курите?

  2. Well, it's can't be September 28 now, can it? We can't predict the future!


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