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Doallator v1.27 is released. Doallator emulates the Chip-8 (Hi-Res), Super Chip-8, Mega Chip-8, and Nintendo Game Boy. The menus are in French but the layout is intuitive and easy to use.

Doallator v1.27 Changelog:
Improved performance and debugging worn on all filters
Adding filters Scale 4x, 4x 4x Eagle and AdvInterp
Replacing the bilinear filter with a simple linear filter additionnable with any other filter
Fixed a bug that would reset the general configuration at the launch of a Roma or when browsing
The resolution of full screen mode is now automatic
Fixed various bugs present in full screen mode when the DPI size of the operating system was not equal to 100%
Debugging cartridge for MBC1 type of Roma, MBC1 + RAM (BATT), MBC2, MBC2 + RAM (BATT) and implementation of the types MBC3, MBC3 + RAM (BATT) and MBC5, MBC5 + RAM (BATT)
Debugging and improving operations and various LCD Mode
Debugging DAA instructions HALT, 07, 09, 0F, 17, 1F, 19, 27, 29, 35, 39, E8 and F8
Implementation of operations I / O Ports of the Game Boy Color (with still almost zero result)
Ability to force the system or normal color
Fixed bug when loading or restart by hotkey that challenged emulation native screen size

Download: Doallator v1.27
Source: Here

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