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EmuCR: EmuConEmuCon v2.7 is released. EmuCon Playground EX is frontend for console emulators (videogames and handhelds). It is compatible with all versions of Windows (Windows XP up to Windows 7. Similar to Emu Loader, this project started as a hobby and a way for me to play console games with my computer, thru emulators.

EmuCon Features:
- Support several console and handheld systems: Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 8-bit,
Sega Genesis / Mega-Drive, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Master System, Odyssey2, Game Gear,
ColecoVision, GP32, PC Engine / Turbo Grafix, Atary Lynx, Atari 5200 SuperSystem, Atari Jaguar,
Sega 32X, Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo 64, Sega CD / Mega CD, Gameboy / Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy,
PlayStation, Nintendo GameCube, Atari 7800, Sega Dreamcast, Watara Supervision, WonderSwan,
PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii
- Support all file formats available on the emulators
- Preview snapshots (unzipped only), game snapshots and title snapshots
- Almost any emulator can be used as long as it can execute games from the command line
(except for a few cases)
- Easy access menus and toolbar buttons
- Support 2 emulators on each system
- Long folder names friendly (note that not all emulators are compatible with long names)
- Detection of bad .zip files
- Settings are stored in .ini files. Windows registry is never used!
- MRU lists support with the latest 25 games you played, for quick access
- Support for multiple medias. Useful if you have games for a system in various CDs/DVDs

EmuCon v2.7 Changelog:

EmuCon was unable to detect the presence of games list files at startup ("emucondir\games\"); the old files with ".ec" extesion were being searched instead of the new ".txt" extesion
Removed size constraints from the images panel to fix weird behavior (main screen)
Moving main games list splitter was not updating the info texts in "Image Layout Dimensions" window
Image resampler was initializing twice at startup
Frontend crash due to a bug in the images panel update code; most noticeable in WinXP
Virtual drive mount/unmount parameters gets corrupted if you don't have a virtual drive executable selected (Emulators Setup screen)
Games popup menu appearing if you call it while no game is selected... mouse right-click on an empty space
Multi-floppy disk dialog selection was appearing for MSX games; blueMSX has its own internal v-DRIVE feature to swap multiple floppy disk games
All Atari system icons had 1 pixel cutoff from the bottom text ("\ec_icons\" folder)
EmuCon games list files format has changed a little bit... again; to keep in sync with Emu Loader changes and reduce file sizes
- end tags (/file) and (/size) replaced by /)
- EmuCon will try to update your current games list; if fails and or EmuCon keeps crashing, you must delete files in "emucondir\games\" folder and re-create games list for all systems
Times played/total playtime files format changed to fix problems with Unicode filenames and to keep in sync with Emu Loader changes ("emucondir\played_games\")
- replaced the ¬ char by ;
- end tag (/file) replaced by /)
You can switch between different favorites profiles while favorites filter is enabled (main tool bar button); all other favorites functions are disabled!
From now on, when a game is re-selected (filter change, view mode change, etc...), it will always appear in the middle of the list (vertically); it's easier to find this way
Tweaks in "Run Game Confirmation Dialog" (main menu) and messages dialogs
- default font changed to "Segoe UI" size 9
- games list version info and emulator version info texts merged into one line to reduce dialog height and to avoid waste of space
- removed some redundant texts to avoid confusion
- renamed "Run Game" button to "Execute"
Games list column header "Media Type" renamed to "Media"
Changes and updates to the video preview feature
- new "experimental" setting: "Play Dummy Video to Stop Current Playback" in preferences screen; play a short video to stop current video playing if you select a new game that have no video to play
(also executed before starting a game and exiting the frontend)
- new file "images\novideo.avi"
- minor optimizations to the CallPlayVideoPreview() function
Replaced the weird "Segoe UI Semibold" font by "Segoe UI"
File 'videopreview.ini' is not available in the distribution pack anymore. It will be generated at startup if not found. This is to prevent overwriting your current video preview settings when updating the frontend
Changes and fixes to the custom games list font (preferences screen)
- font settings are now saved on a separate file called "sysgamecustomfont.ini", so you don't lose the settings on a fresh frontend install
- clicking "Default" system font button was resetting the fonts of all systems instead of just the selected system
- if a system have custom font, its text will be displayed in red
- if a system have custom font and it's the same as the default font ("All Systems"), it will not be saved in the .ini file when closing preferences screen
Replaced the THashedStringList array to only one var when loading "Played/Playtime" info into games list; each system used its own var, wasting RAM
User interface tweaks:
- Minimum screen resolutions supported: 1024x768 (4:3) / 1366x768 (16:9) / 1280x720 (16:9)
...in 1280x720 some controls are resized/ relocated to fit this resolution
- a few forms auto-resize to fit more text if screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher
- font size increased on some screens if screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher
- form "Emulators Setup" reorganized for easier parameters reading/editing
- preparations to support 4K resolution (3840x2160)
Menu items "Play with Emulator #" are now hidden if they have no emulator assigned to them (games popup menu)... experimental
Menu item "Delete Image" is now hidden if game's image is zipped... cannot be deleted (images popup menu)... experimental
Changes/improvements to Last Played Games (MRU)
- a new "Total Playtime" column (playtime and times played); only for 1280x720 and higher resolutions
- favorite icon added to the MRU list
- if Windows desktop resolution is 1280x720, the MRU form self-adjust to fit all data
- Games count text added for each selected system... for easier tracking
- system filtering was a little bit off, showing games of wrong systems
- speed tweaks
- games list font changed to "Segoe UI" size 9; for better Unicode support
Image effect "Scale 2x" is no more (main menu "Images" / "Resampler")
Second parameter "-tg16" added to PC Engine to run games with MESS (-tg16) as some games do not run with -pce parameter
New setting: "Splitter Color" for the images layout splitters; they're not bound by the images panel background color anymore (preferences screen, 'Images' tab)
New setting: "Allow Only One Instance"; prevent multiple instances of the frontend running at the same time (preferences screen)
New library "SynFastWideString.pas"; better handling of WideString vars; this libary is a lot faster than WideString var from Delphi 7, and use FastMM v4 improved RAM manager
New feature "Multiline Captions": enable it to show "two line" captions; 32x32 and 48x48 icons only (preferences screen)
Support for MAME since it can load non-arcade games (MAME v0.162 and newer)
File 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' updated with MAME entries and many redundant entries removed since EmuCon does approximate filename searches
Games list status bar color customization (preferences screen)
Games list/images panel splitter customization (preferences screen)
Games list last column sorted is now restored at startup
Two new systems:
- Nintendo Wii U: emulator supported - CEMU
- Nintendo 3DS: emulator supported - Citra
Added a thumbnails view mode; experimental feature!
- access only via main menu "Games List View Mode" (there is no tool bar button)
- unzipped and zipped images are supported (.png; .jpg)
- unicode filenames only with unzipped images
- images panel is disabled/hidden while in thumbnails view
- game snapshots only
- change thumb settings in "Games List View Mode" / "Thumbnail Settings" in main menu or games popup menu
- view favorite icon in thumbs; enable "Show Favorite Icon in Games" in Favorites tool bar button or in thumbnails "Settings" dialog
- view system icon in thumbs; enable "Show System Icon" in "Thumbnail Settings" (main menu)
- new file "emucondir\images\favicon_thumbnail.png"
- threaded feature; the more cores your CPU has, the faster images will load

Download: EmuCon v2.7
Source: Here

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