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MAMEIaMame v0.9 is released. IaMame is a thin Mame emulator command line wrapper which downloads automatically needed system roms and softwares from The Internet Archive Mess and Mame collections if they are missing on the rompath directory before launching Mame.

IaMame v0.9 Changelog:
* Upgraded the Windows executable generator "Launch4J Maven Plugin" dependency to latest version (1.7.12) as an attempt to fix reported Avast antivirus flagging ia-mame.exe as a threat. If the issue persist let me now
* Added support for MESS 0.149 CHD: Vsmile CD collection (to be used with "vsmilpro" driver)
* Added support for MESS 0.149 CHD: Mac HDD collection (to be used with "macclasc" driver)
* Added support for MESS 0.149 CHD: 3DO M2 collection (to be used with "3do_m2" driver)

* Added a "-noexecmame" option to prevent ia-mame to launch mame after its own execution.
* Now discover the Mame runtime command line options scheme dynamically instead of storing a static list internally. This greatly improves the accuracy of options regardless of the Mame version.
* Now support software list softwares clones (see issue #4)
* Fixed: Use Uppercase letters on command line throws exception (allowed by Mame) (see issue #5)
* Fixed: ia-mame does not find the Machine data on the XML using Mame < 0.16[2|1] because "machine" tag was previously named "game", which now makes ia-mame support olders versions of Mame (tested from 0.149) * Handle software having many cd-rom/chd parts * 7z support implemented EmuCR: IaMame

Download: IaMame v0.9

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